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From MTV:

"I got Diddy," Joe laughed. "That might be the next single. I made Diddy sing my hook like he did on 'Last Night.' That joint is produced by Danja. That's that crossover-big smash-hit record."

This is the second singing gig for Diddy (after Beanie Sigel's project) since "Last Night".

On the Beanie Sigel entry, Theo commented:

lol, Diddy thinks because of "Last Night" [he's] a singer :P...Be funny if he sings like how he did in "Jealous Guy" (from Harlem World)

I'm sure a lot of people are going to make fun of Diddy here (not that Theo was making fun of him), but I think it's important to recognize the difference between "Last Night" and "Jealous Guy" and "Playa Hater" (from "Life After Death"). On the first one, Diddy is seriously trying to sing. On the other two, that wasn't the main point. I liked all 3 tracks and "Last Night" did leave me wanting to hear more, so I'm interested to see how these two tracks play out.

Diddy may or may not have an album in him as a singer, but I think that he definitely can sing on a track and make it a hit or, at least, a track I want to listen to.

Via free and Theo.