Check out our Yung Joc section for more posts about Yung Joc. has a new interview with Yung Joc: With any success comes controversy. In a recent issue of XXL, [Producer,] Nitti stated that he owns 75 percent of the publishing for “It’s Goin’ Down” and also attacks you as a lyricist. Any response?

Yung Joc: I’mma tell you like this man. In that article, Nitti was upset with the fact that I didn’t sign with him. Everything in that article is bulls**t, okay? It is what it is, he apologized for it, and I accepted his apology and kept it moving. He apologized over the radio in Atlanta; we accepted it, and kept it moving.

Check out this question: A few Bad Boy artists have fallen victim to the sophomore slump, as we speak Puff is in a legal battle with 50 Cent over Ma$e. Were you worried about any of this when you and Block signed the deal?

I like these kinds of questions where writers twist things. What exactly do sophomore slump and Mase have in common? Mase released 3 Bad Boy albums. Right before/after his second (i.e. sophomore) album was released, he retired - and it still went gold! His third album went gold, too.

And what exactly do sophomore slump and Mase trying to get out of his contract have to do with each other? He signed a contract with Bad Boy. That's why there is a dispute. You sign a contract, you are held to it. "Were you worried" that you'd be held to the contract you signed?! This is a big problem in the world - a lack of accountability. Anyway, Mase and sophomore slump... Mase trying to get out of his contract... I struggle to see the relevance, other than looking for attention. Anyway...

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