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Hip-Hop cop reveals Big's killer. Apparently hip-hop cops aren't only in place to harass rappers. Derrick Parker, the man believed to have launched the controversial hip-hop task force, is soon to reveal it in a new documentary, Black and Blue: Legends of the Hip-Hop Cop. Earlier this week, Parker visited (New York) Hot 97's morning show to promote the film as well as his upcoming book, The Notorious C.O.P. In the book, Parker speculates on Biggie's murderer. According to Parker's accounts, Marion "Suge" Knight was also involved in both Biggie and Tupac Shakur's death.

The book is called Notorious C.O.P.: The Inside Story of the Tupac, Biggie, and Jam Master Jay Investigations from NYPD's First "Hip-Hop Cop" It is set to be released June 27 and you can pre-order it at

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