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Everybody wants to sign Rakim. In the past year, reports surfaced that Talib Kweli showed interest in signing Rakim Allah. While the legendary lyricist ultimately opted to launch his Raw Records, he admits to being courted by the BK emcee. "We was speaking to them [Blacksmith Entertainment] for a while, good people. They were also getting tracks for me. Their situation at Warner was one of the ones we were looking at," Ra told Kwe wasn't the only one trying to add Ra to his roster. Word is a few heavy hitters approached the God prior to him signing to Aftermath Records. "Puff wanted to sign me before I went to Cali," Ra revealed. "Master P wanted me to sign No Limit East. But at that time I was more concentrating on my craft, and I figured getting with Dre I won't have to worry about the beats. I can just sit back and do what I have to do."

Even though he ended up with Aftermath, it's cool that he called him.

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