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Musicically, fans will be able to hear the rapper on upcoming remixes with Cassie, Cherish and Cheri Dennis as well as new singles from Trey Songs and Marques Houston. ...

Not one to leave a stone unturned, Joc addressed rumblings of a beef between him, Jeezy and D4L after the release of his single 'A Couple Grand,' saying there was no such issue when he did the song.

"No, I'm not dissing D4L and no I'm not dissing Jeezy. Just to let it be out there. You want to let it be known. I'm not dissin not a one of them n*****. I f**** with them n*****. Matter of fact. I just did the 'I'm Da Man' remix with Shawty Lo and Rick Ross."

I would guess that the remix with Cheri Dennis is "I Love You," the one with Cherish is "Do It To It" and the song with Marques Houston is "Like This." Not sure what the Cassie and Trey Songz ones would be. Is it possible that Joc is on the Bad Boy Remix of Me & U?

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