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Fox News has an article about Citizen Change, the non profit group that was launched to get voters to register. It features information on the donations that the group has accepted as well as it's expenses. It quickly becomes clear that the writer doesn't care for Diddy and there are a clear inaccuracy or two. Most blatantly:

The bulk of Bad Boy Records' sales in the past are attributed to countless repackagings and updated recordings by deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Um. Bad Boy has released 41 albums in it's history to date. 3 of those albums could be described as "repackagings and updated records by deceased rapper Notorious B.I.G.", if you wish to count the Ready to Die Remaster in that count. Let's use the RIAA to gauge sales.

Born Again was certified 2x platinum. That means over 2,000,000 sold. I am not sure if the Ready to Die Remaster was considered it's own disc or just the same Ready to Die, but in any case, it wasn't certified and the previous Ready to Die album was certified 4 times platinum about 5 years before the remaster was released. So, if it is considered the same as the first Ready to Die release, it didn't sell enough to get it to a 5th platinum certification, even combined with continued sales of the original release. So, the most optimistic thing you can say for it is that it has sold under 1,000,000 copies to date. Finally, Duets: The Final Chapter has been certified platinum, over 1,000,000 copies sold. So, the 3 releases in all have been certified as selling somewhere over 3,000,000 copies.

Now, the writer said these 3 releases accounted for a "bulk" of Bad Boy's sales. A bulk means a majority. So... the best selling Bad Boy release ever, depending on your metric is Life After Death, which was certified 10x platinum. Life After Death was not a repackaging or an updated recording, it was a finished album that Biggie and was going to release, but he died shortly before it was released. Over 10,000,000 copies. So, that's just 1 release and the "bulk" statement is already done. Of course, you could take the second best selling Bad Boy album, Diddy's No Way Out, which is certified 7x platinum (over 7,000,000 copies). Heck, take Mase's Harlem World, if you'd like. That one is certified 4x platinum (over 4,000,000 copies). But, the point is, that Biggie's "repackagings and updated records" count for only a small portion of Bad Boy's overall sales history.