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This rumor has been making rounds lately, but this interview (March 13) has some interesting bits.

Is there any truth to the rumor that Diddy is signing you to Bad Boy to distribute your album?
I canít talk a lot about it. Honestly, Diddy is a good dude. Iíd love to be in business with him. I havenít discussed it at length beyond the fact that he really is signing Southern artists and helping Southern artists step onto a bigger plateau. ...

You donít think he overshadows artists?
Itís not that Puff takes your shine; you just gotta be a n**** that know how to shine. Puff didnít take no steam from Ma$e, he didnít take no steam from Biggie; he added to what they gave. When I saw Biggie in that suit and I seen that lilí skinny n**** run out next to him in a suit, the n**** who owns the company hype-manning for him, this shows that this is a n**** that, by hook or by crook, is gonna help his artists win. For all the s*** n****s talked about dude, if he standing next to you, you know you gonna be in the magazine Monday. If heís not standing next to you, youíre prayiní that your publicist is good enough to get you in the magazine.

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