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From CNW Group:

Counterfeit goods are flooding the
Canadian market, harming legitimate retailers and manufacturers considerably;
forcing some to even go belly-up. Despite efforts to prosecute and charge the
perpetrators, the globally growing counterfeit trade is not easy to stop and
costs the Canadian apparel industry millions of dollars each year. The biggest
victim of counterfeit, however, is the consumer. Canadian consumers spend
their hard earned money on brands they like and trust, only to discover that
they were misled and what they have purchased is not authentic.
Sean John, the popular apparel designed by Hip Hop mogul Sean "Diddy"
Combs, is taking action against counterfeit apparel. Because of their
increasing number of knockoff t-shirts, tracksuits and denim, Sean John knows
better than anyone how accessible counterfeit clothing and accessories are at
flea markets, street corners, retail stores and internet sites nationwide.
Over a year ago, Multigroup (the distributor of Sean John in Canada) retained
legal and investigative services to crackdown on the problem. Since then, with
the aid of Canadian authorities, thousands of pieces of pirated Sean John were
seized. Yet, the battle is far from won.
For this reason, Sean John Canada is taking matters into their own hands.
Today marks Sean John Canada's anti-counterfeit campaign called "DON'T BUY A
LIE." The campaign responds to their copycat crisis by promoting and
generating awareness about what's real, what's not, and who's affected through
the Canadian media, celebrities, retailers and consumers. Visit