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Hip Hop Game has an interview with Royce da 5'9" where he talks about working with Diddy on Press Play.

What was it like writing for Puffy on Press Play?

It was one of those experiences that was a blessing. I put working with Puff right up there with working with Dre because you learn so much. You learn work ethic. Those dudes were looking at me like I had a strong work ethic. Puffís follow-through is sick. I must have written 50 verses for the ďTell MeĒ record. Thatís not even counting the other records. The average person would sit there and complain, but when you see the way that Diddy works, itís an around the clock thing. He has three rooms working at once. You look at that and you say, ďNow I see why this niggaís so rich. He doesnít stop. Heís like a fucking machine. Whatís driving him to be this way?Ē†

It makes me say, ďI should be this way. I was out drinking last night and this motherfucker was in the studio. Iím complaining about why his chain is nicer and what makes his music so special.Ē Itís because he started ten to fifteen years ago and he has not stopped since. Thatís my thing.

I tell myself every day that when Iím not hearing my wheels turning in my head, thatís when I know Iím not focused. I donít have to be focused to do my job. I realize that. I can be drinking every night and going back and forth to the studio and taking the risk of driving home drunk and still make dope records. Thatís not enough. Along with that shit comes the hoops that I have to jump through. Mentally, I canít jump through no hoops anymore. I have to get to the level I know I should be at. Iíve wasted a lot of years fucking around. Thatís what I learned being around those dudes. They walk in the room, you see how they operate and you know they know what theyíre supposed to be doing.†

I spoke to Pharoahe Monch about his experience with Diddy. He said his work ethic completely changed through working with Diddy. Did your work ethic change working on Press Play?

Yeah. My work ethic is going to be way different from now on. Iíve never lacked as far as spending time in the studio. Itís just how my days go. If I go out one night and get drunk and Iím in the studio the next day, Iím still feeling the shit from last night. Iím not as sharp as I could be. Iím working in a job where I need to use my mind, but Iím fucking with my mind doing other things that I feel are fun. I come up with my best shit when Iím focused around the clock. Iím sharp. When Iím sharp, I donít think anybody can fuck with me. Any hindrance there is me hindering myself. If I can perform to my highest capabilities, I donít think I can be touched. Iím not there right now. I havenít shown enough in my actions to claim that right now. Thatís something Iíve kept to myself, but youíre going to see.

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