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Yo! Raps Magazine has an interview with 8 Ball.

Also, considering your recent experience on Bad Boy Records, what do you have to say to those that believe Diddy only focuses on promoting himself, not his artists?

Well, it is his label. He is the biggest artist on his label. So usually the biggest artist gets all the attention or at least most of the attention. That’s the way I look at it….me and MJG…[laughs]. We’re not moving in with him. We’re just doing our business trying to make good music and put our stuff out there. I don’t know, maybe we don’t get everything that we should get at Bad Boy but I think sometimes the blame lies on us too because there’s a lot we could do sometimes to make that happen. For people who have b******* and bad s*** to say about Diddy…I wasn’t there for their experiences and I can only speak from my experiences at Bad Boy. I’m not trying to be politically correct with my answer or none of that b*******. I’m just trying to say what I feel without cluttering or clouding s***. We focus on 8ball and MJG and Diddy is just another artist on Bad Boy to us. There isn’t much more I can say about it.

Speaking of Bad Boy, the streets are waiting for your upcoming LP, Ridin’ High, which is to be released in 2007. What can we expect from the new album?

Well, as far as features we got Pimp C, Bun B,.Jazzy Pha, Juvenile, Killer Mike, 112, Project Pat, DJ Nasty, Three 6 Mafia…Montana Tracks production. It’s just a real tight 8ball and MJG album. This album is a big mixture of everything that we are...from the beginning to end.