Check out our 8 Ball & MJG section for more posts about 8 Ball & MJG. has a nice interview with 8 Ball & MJG. Among other things, they mention that "Ridin' High" is slated for a February 13 release and the video for "Relax and Take Notes" (which you can watch here) will premier on Rap City on BET on December 18. So letís talk more about the album. Whom do you have lined up for features and production?

MJG: We got production by Lil Jon, Jazzy Pha, DJ Nasty from Orlando, Cool & DreÖ

8Ball: Timbaland, Midnight Black, B-Rock, Montana Trax from our camp. We got Juvenile on the album, Killer Mike, 112, Three 6 Mafia, Pimp C, Bun B, Slim Thug, itís something else. ... A lot of your fans enjoyed the last album, but felt it had more of a commercial feel to it then previous work. Did you hear anything about this? if so, did you take that into consideration with recording the new album?

MJG: It was new for everybody, for us, the label, and the fans. We expected to hear that no matter what because of the new label situation and how different it was. You have to expect that type of criticism because it takes some getting used to. I think on this project everybody including us, the label, and the fans have gotten used to us being on Bad Boy and understand that we still are 8Ball & MJG. Everybody understand the situation a little better now and this next project will come across a whole lot different.

Via Jorge.