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From the press release:

Qwikker, the leading provider of user-driven, on-location mobile content distribution has announced that it is supporting 3’s promotion of the newly launched 3MusicStore. Qwikker is enabling mobile users to freely download an exclusive music track remix from P Diddy’s ‘Press Play’ album. The track ‘The Future’ is available to everyone via Bluetooth, regardless of mobile operator, through Qwikker’s network of 450 pub locations.

This Qwikker promotion, running in the month of November, is one of a number of marketing initiatives being run by 3 to promote its new 3MusicStore, but crucially enables the operator to extend its outreach and communicate with non-3 customers. Qwikker’s network utilises Bluetooth, therefore there are no data charges incurred by mobile users for content delivered to their handset. Qwikker allows brands to deliver ‘freemium’ content at no cost to end users, as well as premium content payable by mobile bill, credit card or cash.

I'm not sure what this might be, but if anyone downloads it, please let me know. I'm trying to find out more and I'll post more information as I have it.

Via SourceWire.