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From a press release:

Known for his high-energy live performances, Elephant Man a/k/a O'Neil
Bryan is one of the few dancehall acts to crossover into mainstream music.
Collaborations with Diddy, Cassie, Rhianna, Busta Rhymes, Shaggy, Mya, and
long time collaborator Lil' Jon, are expected on his upcoming release. ...

... Regarding the joint venture with Bad Boy, Elephant Man, known
to fans as the Energy God, remarked: "Ya know we are excited to work with
P. Diddy, the vibes are there, and with this combo we are gonna take
dancehall to another level. I'm looking forward to dropping (the album) and
the promotion, cuz Diddy is creative, and with him and the Energy God
together ... It's gonna be madness!"