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From the Dream MySpace:

To date, the girls talk about re uniting, but maybe it all was just a dream...

The girls from Dream are talking about a come back. Not a heck of a lot is known, but I'll relay what I've been told about the situation.

It sounds like something they want to do. They being the original 4 members of the group (Melissa, not Kasey). But, there is a big difference between wanting to do something and actually doing it. It remains to be seen if they are ready to get down to business and put in the work and effort it's going to take for them to prove that people are still interested in Dream and that they still have marketable value. Also, with the way they (probably more specifically: Holly and/or Melissa) abruptly exited last time with an album on tap and a single at radio, they probably have some respect and trust that has to be earned back.

In other words: are they ready to work and are their minds in the right place? They'll have to be.

The idea of a comeback starts with the poll to gauge interest in their second album. They have also been asked to come up with a tour schedule, so that they can do a few shows and see if anyone shows up, more or less. If those two things work in their favor, they could be back together to work on a third album. That could be with Bad Boy - or it could be with another label as their rights could be sold. But, in either case, it's safe to say that that is a way's off. They have their work cut out for them, but I'll post information as it becomes available.

Holly's MySpace has a couple of interesting things. It has a picture of a supposed "Reality" cover with the words "support 4 our comeback" as well as a blog entry asking "who would like a ( DREAM ) world tour reunion"?

And that's the question. Who would? Demand dictates everything because demand means money. If they truly want it, if they can re-capture at least some of the fan base that they left and reach new fans, they'll be back.