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There is a poll up on the Dream MySpace. It has this description:

Please vote if you want to buy Dream's 2nd Unreleased album REALITY for $9.99. 14 songs plus interludes. Songs featuring Diddy, Fabulous, Loon. Music by Diddy, Scott Storch, Rodney Jerkins... It's the best DREAM album yet...

MySpace bulletins have been sent out basically saying that a poll could help Diddy decide to release the album digitally in the U.S. Up until this point, it has only been available on Virgin's French site. If you don't have a credit card in France or something like that, you are out of luck. So, if you want them to release it, head over there and vote.

As I write, there are 174 votes. It's safe to say that they are looking for a number much larger than this. But, every vote counts, so again, if you want them to release it, get yours in. I have a couple of tracks off the album ("That's OK" featuring Fabolous and Diddy and "Crazy" featuring Loon) and I like both of them. You can listen to snippets at the site, as well.

I'm trying to get some credits for the album and, if I do, I'll be sure to post them.