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Not sure how old or new this is (it's recent, at least, as it's after the "Press Play" promo tour), but Aggie News Online has an interview with Ness (scroll down).

Q: Back to the tour with P.Diddy, what you like most about this touring?

E. Ness: Itís real hard-work man. With Diddy heís a major artist, so his accomplishments reflect what heís done and all the records he sold. He has a major campaign behind him and he got the key to every city. His day starts at 4:00 A.m., he does all the morning shows, visit schools and just make the people love him. He just loves the people and heís just on the grind promoting this new album ďPress PlayĒ. I got the opportunity to be on it and heís just making it pop-off like that. He works 24/7 around the clock and I canít even keep up with him. By the time he gets ready for bed he might have to get up and do it all over again, so heís lucky if he might get four hours of sleep.

He mentions that he is on "Diddy Rock" on Press Play. He is a credited writer on the track, so that is probably what he means.

Via Jorge.