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Monsters and has an article on Diddy and Press Play:

"I`m so excited about this record," Combs gushes. He pops an unmarked CD of rough mixes into the stereo system but still can`t get it to work. Julie Greenwald, president of Atlantic Records Group, who has been one of Combs` biggest champions since he brought himself and his Bad Boy label into the Warner Music Group (WMG) fold last year, jumps up and pokes him in the ribs. "Give me that," she says with a laugh. "What, first time with a stereo?"

Finally the music starts. Combs dances around the trailer, rapping over the tracks. He picks up Greenwald and swirls her around the trailer. "We did it, girl!" Then he pauses. Greenwald sits back down on the couch. "I hope people like it," he says sheepishly. "Do you think they will?"