Check out our Diddy/Dirty Money section for more posts about Diddy/Dirty Money. has part 2 of their interview: Do you ever feel the need to isolate your kids from the evils of the game or business?

Diddy: No, they're up on everything. My kids ask me, "Dad, what's up with you and 50? What's really good?" I gotta answer all types of questions [like], "I saw you doing this. What's that about?" It also keeps me on point to watch what I say and helps me with my decisions. It also helps you see how big you are. We are their leaders, not just my kids, but all kids. 50's son was probably the same way, "What's really good? I thought that was Uncle Puff, what's good?" You just get to a point, we all that's in the game, its bigger than us. We gotta be laying down the foundation for everybody that's got to come after us.