Check out our Diddy/Dirty Money section for more posts about Diddy/Dirty Money. has an interview with Styles P. where he talks a bit about Diddy. : Yeah. Do you feel like it's poetic justice that 50 is going at Puff now? You guys had your issues with Puff and 50.

Styles P : I'm good with Puff now. : I know now but in the past, nah' mean?

Styles P : I mean Puff had a lot of trial and tribulations in his life, so, me, if I ain't fighting
with you. I don't wish no fight on you; you understand what I'm saying? : OK.

Styles P : I only got beef with somebody when I got beef with em. Other than that it doesn't really-you
understand what I'm saying? : Yeah I know what you mean.

Styles P : I'm the kinda n**** I don't wish jail on my worst enemy. : Oh OK.

Styles P : Some s*** I look at and some s*** I don't look. : I got you.

Styles P : Like, right now Im feeling Puff cause what he did for us he didnt have to do so, as much as I was a man and stated when it was a problem, I gotta state that he also gave back- he didn't have to do what he did. : That's definitely true.

Styles P : So I gotta be a man on that side and respect that too.

lol. Of course he didn't have to give it to you, it was his to keep. But, that's not how it was played on the radio.