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HHDX: You are really utilizing the Internet with both a MySpace page and your exploits on YouTube. That gives the fans a lot of access into your personal life – has anyone overstepped their boundaries with a request of your time or tried to solicit you with their demo?
Diddy: Nah… no one’s really done that. You see… the beauty about the Internet is that I’ve embraced the medium with this album. But as I progressed into making the album, it grew into something more. I am a fan of the Internet and what it has to offer. And I am excited about the outcome. It started out as something that I wanted to do as a part of my marketing plan. But I have direct content that it is able to be access through the MySpace page and it is for the fans. They get inspired and learn from each other. What we’ve been doing is organic and it has turned out to be something really big and I am proud of what these ventures have meant for, not just me, but for the fans themselves. It allows me to really get in touch with the public. It gives me the ability to see what makes them tick and what they do and don’t like.