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According to's Rumors section:

Last night Diddy hosted a Black Party. Just to let you know, I was not there, but I did have some friends that were. I was informed that it was a seriously fun event. There was a key rule that some people forgot! If you didn't have on Black, you were assed out. I heard people were turned away at the door with only a few exceptions. Basically, if you saw a person inside without black, they were connected. I heard one of the people in charge of the list screamed on a door guy for letting an attendee in with a blue shirt. Little did she know, that guy was down with Jimmy Henchmen. The door dude took the tongue lashing from the chick like a man. Other than that, people were pretty cool except for a few people that were just trying to get in without credentials. They failed.

Inside was another story. There was a mix of old sounds, new sounds and Diddy's new album, Press Play - which is out today. (I like this album, by the way. Diddy took adult Hip-Hop to a new plateau with the dance tracks, the hardcore rap joints and the relationship rhymes.) Now, from what I was told, the party was pretty hot. Some people that were there included Kanye West, Peedi Peedi, Babs, Cassie, Black Buddafly, Fat Man Scoop, Cheri Dennis, Ness, Dougie Fresh, Magic Johnson, Nicole from ANTM, Lyor Cohen, Tommy Davidson, Kevin Liles, Julissa, Terrence J & Rocsi and probably more than that. Diddy wasn't drinking Cristal either.