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Posted by Patrick
From the New York Daily News:

Steven Acevedo "is not a vindictive, meanspirited individual," his lawyer Mark Heller said on Wednesday. "He is not motivated to propel Sean Combs into jail." ...

Heller said Acevedo was not out to make a quick buck.

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Posted by Patrick
Two pieces of news to report today on the Diddy/Steven Acevedo assault case. First, MTV brought together a couple legal experts to weigh in on where they see this going.

Second, Acevedo was in court yesterday for an unrelated matter. He is facing a misdemeanor charge of having a forged police placque in the window of his car. The article also notes that he displayed no "signs of wear" from the alledged assualt and that he has been in court a number of times, having sued the police department twice for abuse and faced drug charges, according to authorities.

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Posted by Patrick
Newsday is reporting that New York City police are looking to speak with Diddy today in regard to an alleged incident at a club in NYC, early Saturday. The New York Post, who has sources telling them that Combs will be charged with assault, has this:

Acevedo told cops that the pair got into an argument at the club around 3:30 a.m. and then briefly separated before starting to fight again.

Combs then clocked him twice in the face, busting his lip and bloodying his nose, Acevedo claims.

At one point, Combs allegedly screamed at his foe, "I'll kill you, punk!"

Acevedo told police that one of Combs' goons lifted his shirt as if to signal that he had a gun.

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Posted by Patrick
CBS in New York was at the vodka announcement today and asked Diddy about the allegation made by Steven Acevedo - namely, that Diddy had punched him. Among other things, here's what he said to say:

"I'm a human being. I'm gonna get into an argument sometimes. I didn't punch anybody. There's nothing more to say to it than that." ...

"I don't fight over girls."

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Posted by Patrick
Despite various reports, Diddy did not pay the police a visit yesterday. His attorney had this to say:

"What is being reported in the media is inaccurate," the statement reads. "Mr. Combs is not going to be arrested today. We are hopeful that this matter will be resolved without the filing of any criminal charges, as this was a disagreement among acquaintances, not a criminal assault."

MTV also notes that a one of Diddy's publicists said that Diddy and Acevedo have known each other for 13 years and the dispute was not over a woman.

There had also been reports that Diddy and Acevedo had met and worked it out. This is also untrue, according to Acevedo's attorney, Mark Heller:

"That report is inaccurate," ... "As I understand [it], my client did not interface in any way, shape or form with Sean Combs [at Butter]. At this point, the altercation between Sean Combs and Steven Acevedo, which took place the other evening, has given rise to an extensive criminal investigation, and no civil proceedings have been initiated yet, pending the outcome of the criminal investigation and subsequent criminal prosecution, should one be initiated.

"[Acevedo] will seriously weigh his options, based on the outcome, but needless to say, it's certainly premature to presume that any resolution has been reached at this point, either in the criminal proceedings or in any civil arena,"

Nonetheless, Acevedo told the New York Post that he intends to fight Diddy.

Steven Acevedo, 31, told The Post that reports that he and Sean "Diddy" Combs had made up after meeting at the club Butter following their violent scuffle were not true and the gloves are still off.

"Definitely not," he said outside his Manhattan apartment, before slowly drawing his finger across his throat in a menacing gesture directed at the hip-hop mogul, who is a longtime acquaintance.

Via TMZ and

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Posted by Patrick
There will be no criminal charges filed on the Steven Acevedo assault case against Diddy (which I've written about many times), according to the New York Daily News:

Officials said Acevedo would not cooperate with law enforcement and had given various versions of the event.

"For those reasons, we cannot prove any charges beyond a reasonable doubt," said Barbara Thompson, a spokeswoman for the Manhattan district attorney's office.

Diddy's attorney, Benjamin Brafman, released this statement to Access Hollywood:

“I’ve been informed by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office that after a thorough investigation, they have made a decision not to authorize any arrests in connection with the incident involving Mr. Combs and Steven Acevado on October 13. I want to commend the DA’s office and the New York City Police Department for conducting a thorough and very fair investigation into this incident and not allowing this private disagreement between two acquaintances to turn into a criminal charge.”

The New York Post has this:

Acevedo's attorney, Mark Jay Heller, said his client chose to take the "high road" because he believes in "good Karma."

Whatever it was, whatever happened behind the scenes, the situation appears to be resolved.