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Posted by Patrick
Here are the top 10 most popular search engine terms that people entered to find Bad Boy Blog in the month of August:

1. Bad Boy Blog
2. BadBoyBlog
3. Day 26 Tour
4. Making the Band Tour
5. Day 26 Tour Dates
6. Donnie Klang Album
7. Bad Boy Holiday Album
9. Danity Kane Comics
10. T'Yanna Wallace

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Posted by Patrick
The Blog World & New Media Expo is an upcoming conference, held in Las Vegas, Nevada, covering everything to do with, well, blogging and new media. This includes communities, forums, podcasting, video blogging, technology, journalism, monetization, entrepreneurship, management and more, discussing varying levels of experience.

It's scheduled for September 20 and 21 with the extra Executive and Entrepreneur (E&E) conference being held on September 19. I will be there for all 3 days.

This will be my first time there. It looks like an awesome conference that will be attended by loads of cool people. I will be on a panel called "Avoiding Disaster: How Not to Use Social Media", along with Lee LeFever (Principal, Common Craft), Jason Falls (Social Media Explorer, Doe-Anderson and Blogger, and Darren Rowse (Owner,; Co-Founder,; Co-Founder and VP Training, b5media and Co-Author, "ProBlogger: The Book"), who is tentative. It should be a lot of fun.

If you are interested or involved in any of these fields and can afford to come, I'd definitely recommend checking it out. Through August 22, I have a 20% off coupon code that you can use while signing up. This code is FROGVIP and it is good for the "Exhibits Only," "Exhibits Only + Opening Party," "Full Access" and "E&E Conference" packages. The full access pass is currently $300, so the 20% off ticket would take it down to $240. The E&E pass is $750, making it $600 with the coupon.

If you are able to attend, definitely let me know so that we can meet, if you'd like. And, of course, I invite you to come to my panel, as well!

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Posted by Patrick
I thought that it would be interesting to start a monthly feature, here at Bad Boy Blog, showing the top 10 keywords or phrases that visitors have used to find this site through search engines, for the previous month. For the month of July:

1. Bad Boy Blog
2. BadBoyBlog
3. Danity Kane The Chase
5. JC feat Big A Looking at Me 2008
6. Danity Kane VH1 Host
6. Donnie Klang Album
8. Making the Band Tour
9. Day 26 Tour
10. Donnie Klang Interview

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Posted by Patrick
Do you use MySpace, Facebook, StumbleUpon or Twitter? If you do, please add/stumble/follow us! :) You can do so via the links below:


Thank you for reading and supporting Bad Boy Blog.

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Posted by Patrick
We've moved our audio player out of our main design and onto it's own page. This should make it easier to reference, it can be found at Thanks.

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Posted by Patrick
I am very proud to announce that my new book, "Managing Online Forums: Everything You Need to Know to Create and Run Successful Community Discussion Boards", is now available and can be purchased online at, Barnes & and other retailers. If you are in the United States, it is being stocked nationally at Barnes & Noble locations, as well. You can check stock status at the closest store to you on their website.

"Managing Online Forums" is the result of my years of experience running online communities and forums. The book is definitely appropriately titled: it is truly a forums management book, but with principles that can apply to other types of online communities, like blogs, as well. From creating the infrastructure of the community and setting and enforcing policies to dealing with troublemakers and managing staff. This isn't a programming book or a software book, this is all about managing the actual forums.

Here is some of the advance praise that the book has received:

"O'Keefe provides an impressively insightful, comprehensive, and cogent blueprint for building a loyal and responsive community online."
-Ryan Leslie, Founder, NextSelection Lifestyle Group, recording artist, producer, and online video pioneer

"I found the book Managing Online Forums insightful, easy to read, and knowledgeable about forum sites. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about Internet forum sites or running them. It's useful information and a great marketing tool for any product; a must read!"
-Debbie Hammond, CEO, ClockWork Entertainment (Jordan McCoy's manager; responsible for bringing Dream to Bad Boy)

Here is a look at the chapters featured in the book:

Chapter 1. Laying the Groundwork
Chapter 2. Developing Your Community
Chapter 3. Developing Guidelines
Chapter 4. Promoting Your Community
Chapter 5. Managing Your Staff
Chapter 6. Banning Users and Dealing with Chaos
Chapter 7. Creating a Good Environment
Chapter 8. Keeping It Interesting
Chapter 9. Making Money

It also features three helpful appendices at the end that include online resources, a glossary and blank, general templates that you can use as a basis for your own user guidelines, staff member guidelines and contact templates (pre-written messages for you and your staff to use when contacting members).

For more information on the book, including a full table of contents, advance praise, interviews and reviews, an excerpt, downloadable document templates, an example forums setup and more, please check out the book website.

Thank you for reading and for visiting Bad Boy Blog.



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Posted by Nikita
As promised here is the video of the week, an oldie but goodie, Total's "Kissing You".

Which member Total is the wife of movie star Omar Epps?

04/01: April Fools!

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Posted by Patrick
Mase is not interested in joining Suge Knight's new label venture, at least not that we know of, as we had reported. In honor of April Fools Day, we thought that we'd have a little fun and come up with a crazy story with just enough basis in reality for it to be believable.

The funny thing is, I didn't even know that Knight was working on a new label when I came up with the idea. Days later, Nikita sent me a link to a trailer for a reality show based upon the concept and I could only think, "the April Fools Day gods have smiled down upon us."

So, though it makes for a good story, there is absolutely no truth behind the report of Mase joining Black Ball Records. I appreciate, in advance, everyone for being a good sport.

Thank you for reading and for visiting Bad Boy Bog.

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Posted by Patrick
We have a new blogger here at Bad Boy Blog. Her name is Nikita Warren. Welcome aboard, Nikita.

For more on her, please check out her bio.

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Posted by Patrick
During our liveblog of the season finale of Making the Band 4, I announced the winners of our "Welcome to the Dollhouse" giveaway. Congrats again to Anthony R., Nikita W. and Bryant T.

Thank you to everyone who entered and thank you for visiting Bad Boy Blog.

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