Check out our Bad Boy Records section for more posts about Bad Boy Records. has an interview with Loon. Looking back, do you think you made the right decision leaving Bad Boy?

Loon: Oh yeah, definitely. I mean, Bad Boy is a machine that will give an artist visibility, but the way artists structure their deals now, to benefit them financially, is a deal you'll never be able to establish over at Bad Boy. So, it's definitely a great thing for me to be a free agent, and test the waters, to see what's going to work best for me. ... So, if you were putting out a mixtape today, who would you want?

Loon: Honestly, I will want them all, because I been out the mixtape loop. There are so many new relationships I need to establish. There might be a few djs out there, that's actually yearning for new Loon material, who knows. But, I've just been trying to accumulate a lot of material to flood the summer, before I start dropping out these singles. I'm back out here on the grind, getting it how I get it. I'm not really trying to waste no time. I have the chance to let my presence be felt, and this time, bring my following with me. A lot of my accomplishments, and things I was doing at the time, got overshadowed by Puff presence and all the things he was doing, at the time. Do you still keep in contact with Diddy?

Loon: Yeah, I speak to him. I'm in the process of writing some material for his new album. It's never a problem. Even though, the business didn't go the way I wanted, I was still able to travel the world, see some beautiful places, meet some beautiful women, establish international claim, all that through Diddy. I can never deny that.

I don't really buy the stuff about the deals because if it were true, Bad Boy wouldn't have any artists. Artists sign the best deals for them at the time the deal is signed. Bad Boy is offering these artists the best deal they have and they take it.

Anyway, with Loon, for the majority of people who know who he is, they know him or first heard of him because of Diddy. Some artists seem to forget who got them their initial burst of recognition once they get big and everyone knows who they are. But, who were the people who first made the general public aware of you and gave you that shot? What's the biggest thing Loon has done to date? I Need a Girl, specifically the part one remix, which reached number 2 on the Billboard 100. Why was that possible? Diddy/Bad Boy. It's good that he appears to know that (the swipe on deals aside) and hopefully he'll keep that in mind. They appear to still be cool, which is good, if he's writing for Diddy's upcoming album.

Don't get me wrong, though, I like Loon. I really liked his album (I have two copies of it, actually) and many of the tracks he's appeared on for other artists, Bad Boy and otherwise (like Stylin' remix, his verses on that Masari track, Let's Get It Remix, all of his appearances on The Saga Continues... and so on and so forth).

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