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Vibe has an interview with Diddy and they discuss the type of programming you can expect from Revolt TV, what Kanye West's new album means to him and the pride and respect that he and Jay-Z have for each other.

Now you are doing things that create for others, but what motivates you and guys like Jay-Z?

Right now Iím at an all time high of just being a visionary and figuring (it) out. The money thing, Iím just being honest, that doesnít motivate me. Iím passed that. Doing things that are going to change the world and make life better for our kids and change the way weíre perceived. Iím out here in Cannes speaking in front of 2,000 people, getting a standing ovation just speaking about who we are and being unapologetic about it, itís just changing the game. Next year this festival will have more people that look like us and they will understand their power.

While I was out here I called Jay and me and him been talking back and forth about the network and about his deal and how proud we were of each other. Weíre actually changing together the business model of the music industry. As far as our power, you can see the power that we have, not me and Jay-Z, the power that we have as a culture that Samsung now is going to give Apple a run for its money. People actually believe and we believe in our leaders in hip-hop. What they say is cool and what they say is next and we recognized that what Samsung is doing is moving forward. We were like ďHey man, we may need to give this Galaxy joint a chanceĒ and thatís a lot of power, man.