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Diddy's television venture REVOLT has launched a Twitter profile.

Right now, they're asking, "Are #bloggers the real curators of culture or have BIG CHECKS and small cliques stolen the voice?"

Blogging is a medium, of sorts, which basically means to write online. It is a medium writers enjoy. Writers get paid, in general, from all sorts of sources. There are freelance writers, staff writers, people who write online, who write books, who write offline, etc. So, perhaps the more accurate question would be: "Are writers the real curators of culture..."

The answer is, of course, it depends. One writer is different from another writer. One could rightly suggest that Bad Boy Entertainment is among the many, many companies who write checks, either directly or by hosting parties, etc., in an attempt to influence coverage of their projects. Like most companies do. It takes some fortitude from the writer to maintain independence.