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Fuse has a great feature on Lord Finesse for their Crate Diggers series. Watch below. At the start of it, he says how he wanted to do a remix for Mary J. Blige, but Diddy said he wasn't ready and, instead, wanted the producer to work with an up and coming rapper: Biggie Smalls.

"I used to hang out with Puff," he said. "[We would] go to his crib, bug out. The prize remix you wanted to do was Mary. Mary was blazing. I want to do a Mary remix. 'You're not ready for a Mary remix.' He was like, 'I want you to work with Big.' Big? Who's Big? He was Biggie Smalls at the time. I was like, OK, I was open minded. When I heard this dude, it started with the 'Party & Bulls***' remix. When I had a chance to really hear this dude flow, I knew he was exceptional then. Just his flow, 'cause it just bounced all over and it came back on beat."

Lord Finesse also reflected on "Suicidal Thoughts," a record he produced that would serve as the finale on The Notorious B.I.G.'s debut album, "Ready to Die."

"I'm playing him beats and he picks this just God forsaken, don't let me catch you in the alley beat. I'm like, 'What you gonna do with that?' 'Naw, I got an idea, I got an idea.' And it's like, 'You sure?' As a producer, I don't want to just sell you a beat to make a dollar. I want to make sure you gonna do something incredible with it and I never heard the record until it came out. And when I heard it, it was just like... crazy. I just remember somebody telling me 'Yo, your joint made the album, 'Ness.' It actually closes the album. I was shocked."

Via Reggie Osse retweet via Miss Info.