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Brennan Williams of The Huffington Post has an interview with former Bad Boy singer Faith Evans. She was asked about the prospects of a collaboration with Diddy and whether or not it could be expected.

"Of course! I'm pretty sure that we'll definitely work together again," Evans said. "There's been a few records that I've played for Puff off of my last couple of albums, since I left Bad Boy, that he was ready to get on. But it just didn't work out in time."

Williams also asked her about the idea of signing with Bad Boy once more.

"I've seen a lot of fans say, 'You need to get back with Bad Boy,'" she said. "Now I didn't say all of that. And I'm not saying that I wouldn't [laughter]. But you know, I'm kind of happy right now with owning myself and being independent. So right now I'm pretty content with things being this way."