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In January, Shyne told MTV's Rob Markman that he and Diddy had reconciled past differences, expressing a mutual respect for one another.

"As far as Puff is concerned, you understand, that's been a long time coming," he said. "Definitely been a long time coming. He had reached out to me twice while I was in the pen, but I just wasn't ready for it."

"Just as far as me growing and moving forward, like I said, there's certain things you just can't take with you," Shyne continued. "I felt how I felt, I said what I said. In retrospect, when you look at the way he handled it, he held it down, he wore it. He had nothing to say; always had good things to say. It was always, 'Yo, whatever Shyne need, we got him.' And, you know, when I was getting ready to get out, I had spoken to him and he let me know, 'Yo, listen, I got you. Whatever you need, you not by yourself.' But, again, I'm still in the yard, I got a ratchet in my waist, I'm still in that kill or be killed mentality. So, I wasn't necessarily ready for that, I ain't really know how to receive that."

"For whatever reason, man, I just got the feeling. I had a dream about [mutual friend Anthony "Wolf" Jones]. I called son up. We got mutual comrades and I called him up and I don't really want to get into the details of our conversation. Maybe at a later time, maybe he could tell you what he said. But, for me, the conversation was a confirmation of what I felt. Son kept it like super tall and that's what it's about. When a man is saying, 'Listen, as a man, I make mistakes and I own that.' What could you do?"

"I just feel real good about moving on with our relationship," he told Markman. "Me and son, we gonna get together in Paris. I'm in Paris right now. He's gonna come out here in a couple weeks and we're gonna sit at a roundtable, just as men. Just to sit down and break bread. It's been over 15 years I've known that dude."

They finally met up today, with Diddy posting a picture on Instagram. Watch the clip from the MTV interview below.