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If you're like me, you purchased your copy of Machine Gun Kelly's "Half Naked & Almost Famous" on iTunes shortly after it was released. But, when he released the DVD content through his Facebook page, you had some trouble downloading it.

When you went to the page, it said you needed to update your version of Java and you pressed "OK." Then nothing happened. I found a solution that worked for me.

Head over to Click on the "Free Java Download" button. Now, if you don't have the latest version, it'll offer it to you. Download that file to your computer and then open it. Follow the prompts and allow it to install. Now, close your web browser, open it again and go back to the DVD content area of MGK's Facebook page. Try it again.

For me, it worked and I was able to download the DVD content as a .mov file, 1.2 GB in size. Keep in mind that you must have purchased a copy via iTunes and, presumably, you may have to access the DVD content on the same computer from which you made the purchase, since that is where the files and iTunes license information is likely stored.