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In an interview with Montreality, Machine Gun Kelly revealed that he will release the "Half Naked and Almost Famous" EP/DVD on March 20 in Best Buy stores and may release a book in the summer, titled "The Early Tour Days of Machine Gun Kelly," covering his early touring experiences.

"It's a s***load of photos, a lot of sex stories and stuff like that," he said. "It's cool. It talks about a lot of s*** from last year and the year before that. Just like the early s***."

"We were gonna go for spring, but then we have the EP coming out, so we were like 'f*** it, hold off' and maybe we'll do this summer," he told Montrality, when asked about the release date. "I don't know. I don't want to do too many things that require my fans to just ball out on s***. You know, we have merchandise. I don't want like everything new I came out with to where like fans are like 'damn, I just spent so and so money on this,' like then 'hey, new book $30 - ah, f*** man, I have to work two months.' But, f*** it, though. It's great content. You can't really put a price on great content. Everything's not for free, anyway. I don't want to rob the kids who don't give a f*** what it costs to get it and support it. So, maybe we'll do it this summer."

Meanwhile, the EP/DVD combo will feature 1 new song, with the DVD content accessible by entering a secret code.

During the interview, he also discussed his school days, live shows, tattoos and more. Watch it in full below.

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