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The last time that I mentioned anything about i SQUARE as a group, it was in July of 2011, when group member Destiny revealed that their album was near completion.

Since then, there has been no news and it is clear from the Twitter profiles of the individual members of the group that they are now focused on their solo efforts.

Destiny is now recording and releasing music as Donna Glytch. Her Twitter profile says that she "belonged to Interscope's i SQUARE... now solo." Meanwhile, Briddy, 10beats and Mike Jay have all been working on various independent projects.

I sent a couple of Twitter messages to group members, asking them if i SQUARE was on hiatus or if the group was no more and I did not receive a reply. At the very least, it appears that the group is on the back burner. But, given Glytch's bio remarking that she formerly belonged to the group, it may be more than that.

in line with this, I will be concluding the coverage of i SQUARE here on Bad Boy Blog. If anything changes that is related to Bad Boy, we'll have an update.