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On his blog, former Bad Boy A&R Geno Sims discusses the making of "Godfather," a mid-2000s cut that Sims says was one of the early songs created during the recording process for Diddy's "Press Play" album.

The song at the time just had Dep's verse on it and a couple bars from Black Rob," Sims says of when he first heard the record. "I was like 'hold up, stop the press!' Puff walked in and was like 'what's this playing?' Then he kept talking about how hot G. Dep is lyrically. What people may not know [is that] Puff is into lyrics. Puff can dissect and analyze lyrics with accuracy of a sharp shooter."

Sims offers a free download of the song, which was produced by Bink! In the end, the song was not released officially as they could not clear the sample.