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At the end of January, house and electronic producer Guy Gerber revealed that a collaborative album with Diddy was almost finished and would be his "main album for next year."

At first, Diddy wanted him to do a remix album of Dirty Money's "Last Train to Paris," but Gerber wanted to make something "deeper musically."

Now, in an interview with the Miami New-Times blog Crossfade, Gerber talks more about how the album came together.

How did you first hook up with Sean "Diddy" Combs? And what can you tell us about the new mystery album you collaborated on?

Well, he just called me one day and said that he loved my music and sampled one of my tracks for the intro of his album, and asked me to come to New York and hang out in the studio. At this point, he didn't know what he wanted. But I was just working out some beats and some musical landscapes and he was totally into it, even though the music was really deep and weird. Then he said, why don't I make a whole remix version of his album Last Train to Paris, some kind of a more underground interpretation. And I decided to take the opportunity to make something really different. I have to say that Puff really inspired me and pushed me to the limit. And I just took some time off touring and started making music that I'd never done before, and he was really supporting whatever I was doing. I think that is just great that he could have this vision about the whole project.

No official release date has been announced.