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Soul Train has an interview with Janelle Monae, where she gives advice for aspiring artists, discusses diversity in the music industry and more.

Soul Train: So you have entirely different desire for women in the recording industry?

Janelle Monae: My thing is I just wish as women, female recording artists, we would stand up for what we believe in. Stand up for our core values; the things we were taught by other powerful and strong women. I think if we all stood up and said weíre not trying to sell sex, weíre trying to be the voice for the next generation, and do something positive or inspiring or creative instead of sexy, I think we could go so much further in life. Iím not trying to knock any other artist; to each his own. Hopefully I can be a light for somebody else who may define success in another way. Theyíll see they donít have to talk about sex or talk about things that are not worth talking about to be successful. Once they see that in another artist, thatíll inspire them to get away from whoever is telling them to go this route in the music industry.