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Rumor Fix, a website dedicated to clearing up celebrity rumors by publishing official statements from celebrities and their representation, has an exclusive interview with Jeremy Greene where Greene reveals that he has filmed a sex tape with an adult film actress named Kacey Jordan.

Greene mentions that an adult film production company is interested in distributing the tape. Despite the suggestion of the article's headline, it is unclear if the footage has actually been released anywhere at this time.

A review of the Twitter streams of Greene and Jordan reveal the two verbally sparring recently. Jordan makes some very serious accusations, saying of Greene, "blackmail, rape, what a piece of s*** this guy is... prison time for you." She continues, saying that she "just spoke with [her] people... This guy has f***** up big time."

Greene hasn't responded directly, but his publicist (according to his bio on Twitter), Kali Bowyer has gone back and forth repeatedly with Jordan, defending her client while exchanging a hostile series of messages with both her and those attacking Greene.