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The list of dates for Diddy/Dirty Money's "Coming Home Tour" has been shrinking, with the group canceled all four scheduled Florida dates, the Houston, Texas date and both of the closing dates in Missouri.

While it may be natural to suggest that the reason for these cancellations was a lack of ticket sales, a representative for the group told TMZ that it was a matter of logistics.

"A few dates for the 'Coming Home Tour' in Florida and Missouri were canceled due to production and technical logistics which made it impossible for Diddy Dirty Money to perform the best show for their fans. The remaining shows in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Phoenix are scheduled as planned and will mark the ending to a widely acclaimed tour."

With plenty of time to plan the tour and select the venues, it is unfortunate that they are just now becoming aware of logistical issues at multiple venues, after fans have purchased tickets and are excited that the group was coming to their city.