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Earlier this month, reports surfaced indicating that Diddy was interested in signing Odd Future. They subsequently signed to themselves this week.

In an interview with FADER, following the "Coming Home Tour" stop in New York City, Diddy touched on the speculation, saying that he didn't try to sign the group.

"It's a revolution that's going on right now and it's a lot of artists that are going against the grain of record companies and radio and this is a different type of time. I think these cats have learned from us and they understand ownership. This generation that's doing it, is doing it well. I'm very proud of them for just taking a chance on themselves and believing in themselves. Odd Future's believing in themselves. Wiz Khalifa believed in himself. When nobody believes in you... that's what I represent, I represent that whole hustle. These guys aren't going to have to kiss that a** or play that political game and they doing what the f*** they want to do and I want them to keep doing what they want to do."

"So that's why, for the record, I never tried to sign Odd Future," he continued. "I just wanted to meet them out of respect and see where they were at with things. Not saying I wouldn't sign them, but I purposely didn't go out to try to sign them or try to sign a lot of different cats that's doing they thing right now, because I just want to observe as a fan."