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Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly took to Twitter today to comment on rumors that he has signed a major label record deal.

The rumor that has gained momentum is that he has signed to Bad Boy. This is fueled by Diddy's repeated co-signing of him on Twitter and at the SXSW Music festival (watch the clip below). Music video production outfit The Topshelf Company, who has worked with Keri Hilson, Jason Derulo, Snoop Dogg and more, tweeted in March that he had recently signed to Bad Boy, without providing further details. In addition, music production marketplace PMP Worldwide, run by former Bad Boy Head of A&R Conrad Dimanche, listed a request for his project under the label "TBA (Interscope pending)."

So far, I have been unable to get anyone to go on the record on the story, which is why we haven't covered it yet. But, since MGK feels that it is worth commenting on, I wanted to at least pick up his remarks.

"Funny how I see all these comments about me being signed?," he said on Twitter today. "F****** must have mailed the check to the wrong house? LOL. Or maybe it's because I don't have a mailing address! I do appreciate the support but I'm just out here workin' now with EST. That's my family, that's my team. But, believe that when I do sign one day I will be the first to tell you. Not a label, not a blog. I'm doin' this for something bigger than me."

"I think we have the ability to be something great and really make an impact," he continued. "Not just in music, but on this generation. Rome wasn't built in a day, so it's gonna be a process but stick with me, we will be great.