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Billboard's Gary Graff has an interview with Dirty Money, where they talk about what you can expect from the "Coming Home Tour" (buy tickets) and discuss the future of the Dirty Money group.

Diddy told Graff that the performances on the tour will feature "a representation of the guests, visually" from the "Last Train to Paris" album. It'll be interesting to see how they pull that off. Diddy also touched on the future of the group and said that more unreleased Dirty Money material will be released online.

"We signed onto the project for the long haul," he said, "so, we've got more to work with for this [album] before we start jumping to 'What are we gonna do next?' What we're doing next is we're going out on the road, which is a huge undertaking. I usually plan ahead with certain things, but with this thing you've got to keep your eye on the ball. So, our focus is really with the tour and the next single before we say, 'Oh, we're gonna work on another album.' We're still working this album, you know what I'm saying?"

Finally, Dawn Richard talked with HIPHOLLYWOOD.COM about the stage show that will be featured when the tour kicks off later this evening. Watch below.