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Jon Bream of the Star Tribune spoke with Diddy about a myriad of topics including the tour, his use of Twitter, why Skylar Grey was featured on "Coming Home" and more.

Why did Diddy use Grey when he already has two top-notch vocalists in Diddy Dirty Money?

"Skylar Grey's voice is beautiful. Skylar Grey was like one of 15 guest appearances," the boss explained. "It's not like I don't respect my talent because I let Justin Timberlake do a verse or let Drake do a verse. Same thing: We want to work with great artists. We don't have a problem with sharing the spotlight. That's what makes it better, when you play with great people." ...

What percentage of his income comes from music-related stuff?

"To be honest, I'd say 100 percent. The music is my foundation. You can't go to higher floors and diversify if your first floor isn't intact. It doesn't hurt this week having the No. 8 single on the charts, it doesn't hurt doing 'American Idol,' it doesn't hurt signing Janelle Monae."