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PopDash has an interview with U.K. rapper Chipmunk and they asked him about meeting Diddy.

PopDash: You’ve worked with Kaleena from Diddy Dirty Money on the song ‘White Lie’. We saw some pictures of you partying with Diddy earlier this year and were wondering what it’s like hanging out with someone as iconic as him?

I felt the same meeting him as I did all the guests on my album really. A lot of people ask me if I pinch myself when I think about how far I have come but I never do. What I do though is reflect and when I think back to being ten and being a massive Puff Daddy fan it’s hard to believe that we’re socialising and working together.

PopDash: Did he offer you any advice when you met?

He said, *does slightly dodgy American accent* “Look young’un, you’ve got global appeal so remember that and let it influence your music”.

In January, Chipmunk and a team of U.K. all-stars appeared on stage with Diddy at the "Last Train to Paris" album launch party in London.