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The Boombox has an interview with Bad Boy producer Antwan "Amadeus" Thompson, discussing past and present projects.

Why do you think Diddy chose you to join the Hitmen?

Deric "D-Dot" Angelettie was one of the producers in which I met first when I got my first placement. We've always stayed in contact. He's been somewhat of a mentor to me as a producer. I always had that connection, I always had that in to Bad Boy through D-Dot. And I had the opportunity to meet [Bad Boy President] Harve Pierre and Conrad Dimanche who was the head 0f A&R at the time. So I was always in the loop, always submitting for projects until finally I landed a song on Cheri Dennis' album. And also landed a song on Danity Kane's album so that kinda pretty much sealed the deal. He was always aware of the talent I possessed and everything I had to bring to the table. And the topic kinda came up in which me needing producer management. And that's exactly what Bad Boy Hitmen is, producers managed by Bad Boy and Diddy himself.