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Recently, we've been treated to a host of new perspectives, testimony and revelations, accurate or false. Here's one more: former Death Row Records singer Jewell is releasing a memoir, "My Blood, My Sweat and My Tears," in which she will talk about her time with the label.

Samson Pharaoh of TaleTela interviewed Jewell and asked her specifically about Diddy.

You donít believe Puffy was involved with the death of Tupac?

No, no I met Puffy through LaChelle Sanders who is Sugeís first cousin. We hung out with him in New York, people donít know that in the beginning Suge and Puffy were friends and they were cool. I hung out with Puffy, I know what he is about, he has good character as a man, and shooting Tupac is just not something he would do.

One thing about Puffy is that he is a businessman, and he wouldnít let anything ruin his business. I know it was a major loss for him to lose Biggie but he respected Pac. A lot of the beef has been puffed up but it wasnít like that, the media played a major role in keeping that beef going Ė if you see it on TV it has to be true right? The kids need to know that you donít have to die for music.

As with any of these statements that have come out, this is just one person's thoughts. And that's all.