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Various outlets are reporting on an incident that occurred last night after the BET Hip-Hop Awards in Atlanta, involving Diddy and T.I.

I'm not going to link to any of these outlets because I think there is an overwhelming tinge of bias to pretty much all of it, against Diddy, and most of them are reporting things that aren't apparent in the videos that are being used to substantiate the claims. This isn't to suggest that Diddy didn't do anything wrong - but some of the articles I am reading are just wild speculation or creative liberty, as opposed to sticking to what is actually in the clips.

It's odd when a fan run publication has to be the one, or one of the few, to take a generally balanced look at what is placed in front of us. But, it's also not the first time we've done it. Here are those clips:

Let's assume that this was a genuine confrontation and not something that was staged. I am not going to speculate on anything. Instead, I am just going to tell you what I see, as I watch these clips.

Diddy is clearly angered by someone, or a group of people, in the club. We do not see what happened prior to this. It would be foolish to assume he wasn't provoked in some way, just because the clip is cut in such a way that only shows us what Diddy said. I am not saying that he was right to react, but that it would be a reach to assume that he began yelling these remarks randomly just because someone was not drinking Ciroc. That seems highly unlikely.

We do not see Diddy pouring Ciroc on the crowd, but we do see Diddy (at the :43 mark in the second clip) appear to swing at something - perhaps a drink. But, given how close he is swinging, this item would have had to be literally right in front of his face. In other words, if it was a drink, someone was holding it right in front of his face, which I would consider provocative. "Put that s*** down outta my face," he comments immediately after. I'm not excusing the action or saying that is the right way to react, but it takes two.

Finally, some are saying that T.I. was lecturing Diddy, accusing him of trying to get him in trouble or telling him off. From the clip, this is plainly incorrect. If you watch the second clip, you see that when T.I. is talking about how he doesn't want anyone to get him in trouble, he is looking toward the crowd - specifically, in the general direction of the group that would have been in front of Diddy. He is not looking at Diddy. This is unmistakeable. He is not addressing Diddy. He only turns to address Diddy when he says that Diddy has too much money to be involved in that sort of situation.

It is hard to see what Diddy is saying at the end of the second clip. You can make out bits and pieces, but not all of it. He could be telling T.I. he is right or not right or that he doesn't need to address it or... something. We just don't know. After he's done speaking, he motions toward the DJ, apparently, to get things back on track.

Things happen. People make mistakes, including people in the crowd and people on stage. I doubt this is a case where it's only one person in the wrong, but you never know. Regardless, while it may be good for web traffic, as is often the case with Diddy, it is being blown a tad out of proportion.