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If you are a regular Bad Boy Blog reader, you know that I've generally skipped 50 Cent's recent critical comments aimed at Diddy. Mainly because I think it's a waste of editorial space and attention.

He talks about how he likes Dirty Money's "Angels" and how Diddy "was hitting notes" on the record, then he says the music Diddy is making right now "sucks." "Angels" had Biggie vocals and 50 Cent has even jumped on numerous records with recycled Biggie vocals, but then he's critical of Diddy for using Biggie vocals or referencing Biggie. I feel that, in general, these statements are hypocritical.

And with 50 Cent, it all seems to depend on the moment and the timing of this most recent moment has always seemed weird to me. Everything seemed to be fine until Diddy aligned with Rick Ross and began to use the Supreme Team moniker. The original Supreme Team was a drug operation led by Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff who, at one time, was alleged to have had a hand in the shooting of 50 Cent in 2000.

All of that said, I figured that I would pass along this update. 50 Cent told MTV News' Shaheem Reid that he spoke with Diddy on Thursday and that the conversation "created a little clarity" between the two. Check out the full clip below.

"I had a conversation with Puffy the night before me and Jay talked," he said. "Puff gives me a whole new perspective on his actions. He goes, 'No, no, I understand why you feel the way you felt because of what I was doing at the time. But, I wasn't thinking what you thinking I was. You done hit me nine times. I'm standing here, I'm just in the fetal because I understand why you actually attacking me. But, if I can't touch bases with you to tell you what I'm thinking or why I did it, then you can't understand it.' So, we created a little clarity out there."

Via Rap Radar.