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In the clip below, Ness mentioned that he had a "Matrax" album available on iTunes. I looked it up and found that he released the album digitally with DJ Pillzbury in December, followed by a CD on demand release in February. You can pick up the digital copy on and iTunes and the CD on demand on You can listen to snippets at all of those links, as well. Farther down, check out the cover and full track listing.

"Matrax" by Ness and DJ Pillzbury

Track Listing

1. Extra Extra
2. Hustle
3. Gangsta Gangsta
4. Painstakingly
5. U Need To Dream On
6. If These Walls Could Talk
7. As Long As U Love Me
8. If It Ain't About A Dollar
9. Green Light Go
10. They Like It They Love It