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"Get Him to the Greek" Blu-ray DVD Cover
"Get Him to the Greek" will be released digitally and on DVD on September 28. Three DVD formats will be available, including the single disc, two disc collectors edition and Blu-ray editions. All three versions will include both the theatrical release and an unrated edition.

You can pre-order the DVDs from (buy now: single disc, two disc collectors edition and Blu-ray) and the digital editions from iTunes and

Roger Moore of the Orlando Sentinel says that the deleted scenes featuring Diddy are "always funny."

Care of the official DVD site, here is the full breakdown with the features and extras included in all versions:

Single Disc DVD Edition

Gag reel
Deleted, extended and alternate Scenes (Limited)
Feature commentary

Two Disc Collectors Edition

Gag reel
Deleted, extended and alternate Scenes including an alternate intro and ending
Feature commentary with director Nicholas Stoller, cast members Jonah Hill, Russell Brand, Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss and producer Rodney Rothman
"Getting To Get Him to The Greek" documentary
"Getting In Tune With The Greek" documentary
"The Making Of 'African Child'" documentary
5 music videos featuring Aldous Snow, Infant Sorrow and Jackie Q
Musical performances from Infant Sorrow: 1999 and 2009 Greek Theater Concerts, London O2 Concert and World Tour
TV interviews with Aldous Snow
"Blind Medicine:" a promo for Sarah Marshall's new TV series
Digital copy (expires 9/30/11)

Blu-ray Edition

Everything in the two disc collectors edition, plus these exclusive extras:

Instant access to stream a bonus movie by choosing 1 of 3 hilarious comedies (Uncle Buck, Dazed and Confused or Life) on your TV via BD-Live or on a smartphone via pocketBLU
Karaoke: sing along to 15 outrageous songs from the movie
The actual auditions that landed Rose Byrne, Elisabeth Moss, Nick Kroll, Aziz Ansari and T.J. Miller their roles
Musical performances from Aldous Snow at The Today Show and VH-1 Storytellers
Even more deleted, extended and alternate scenes not available anywhere else
BD-LIVE: Access bonus content, trailers and more through an internet-connected player
Including "My Scenes:" Bookmark your favorite scenes from the movie
Pocket BLU: Experience Blu-ray in an exciting new way with the pocket BLU app for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Blackberry, Android, PC and Macintosh
Including virtual remote and keyboard: Control Blu-ray features and communicate with ease
Including Mobile-To-Go: Transfer exclusive bonus features to your device to enjoy anywhere, anytime
social BLU: Connect with friends on your favorite social networks to share information about the movie, enjoy Blu-ray community features and more!

Pre-order now: DVD editions ( single disc, two disc collectors edition and Blu-ray). Digital editions: iTunes and