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Janelle Monae and of Montreal have been collaborating a lot over the past year or so. They appeared on "The ArchAndroid" and she will appear on their upcoming album, too. And they are currently on tour.

Lead singer Kevin Barnes spoke with LimeWire about how the connection was made.

You recently added Janelle Monae to that family, whoís on tour with you. How did you come together?

We met backstage at a show in Atlanta. She got turned on to our music through the Wondaland Arts Society [collective], and sheíd just filmed this video where she was riding a horse, around the time weíd just had a show in New York where I rode a horse onstage, so we bonded over that initially, and then realized how much we had in common. Our two art collectives [WAS and Of Montreal] have done a lot of collaborating, and weíre definitely following the same spirit, artistically and emotionally, so itís cool that weíre all on the same page, and we just love to hang out with each other.