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Forbes has released their annual list of the top earners in hip-hop and Diddy came in at second with an estimated $30 million. Jay-Z, with $68 million, is on top of the list. Following Diddy are Akon ($21 million), Lil' Wayne ($20 million) and Dr. Dre ($17 million).

Forbes only wrote one paragraph about Diddy, but they still managed to make a couple of odd or inaccurate statements. First, they indicated that the upcoming Dirty Money album "Last Train to Paris" had already been released, where it is really set for an October release.

Secondly, there was a bit of a stylistic inconsistency in how they referred to Diddy's entrepreneurial efforts, as compared to others on the list. Jay-Z "invested" in the 40/40 nightclub chain, Akon "has a range of business ventures," Dr. Dre has a "partnership" to create Beats by Dr. Dre, but Diddy "still shills Sean John clothing, Bad Boy Records, and more." Investment, venture, partnership... and shill.

In 2007, Diddy ranked third with $28 million. A year later, he maintained that placement, earning $35 million. Last year, he moved up to second place on the list, with an estimated $30 million.

Via RapRadar.